Tennis skirt or tennis dress and top?

Tennis clothes have evolved considerably over the past few years. Such as Virginia Wade and Billie Jean King, tennis star wearing regulation white separately, such as the Williams sisters and Maria Sharapova star can choose to wear in a series of high, allowing high-tech fabrics fashion and colorful tennis dress, shorts or thin pleated skirt skin breathe.

Sharapova and Anna Ivanovik, do the publicity work of the designer Cole Haan. Sharapova can be seen that the major tournaments to play wearing Haan's signature white and orange tennis dress. She also wore the maximum performance of the Nike sports shoes, a Rolex watch. Venus Williams has launched her tennis wear their own range, known as ten. Include tennis dresses, shorts, skirts, including sports shoes, T-shirt. All technologically advanced fabrics, which wick away from the skin moisture, so that the wearer cool and dry.

Modern fabrics can definitely increase the performance of tennis. Stella McCartney in her Adidas fashionable tennis wear range of high-tech fabrics, such as CLIMACOOL. The high-performance fabrics, including polyester, nylon and spandex, and retain their color, very durable. Tightly fitting vest, halter tops, shorts and skirts, racing back to the T-shirt to promote the convenience of the movement and help the wearer to remain calm. Build operation is still wearing a skirt. Female athletes have a choice of underwear or shorts skirt to wear to facilitate movement of the kick pleat.

Tennis skirt or shorts more flexible option than the skirt. Tennis clothing, skirts and shorts are interchangeable players can choose a color and a white tank or halter top, skirt, into Played fashion. A variety of colors to choose from, including stripes, embroidery details as clothing wearing it can be easily replaced in less than a cost of clothes. Separated to more than the movement of a tennis skirt. Play ace whole dress up as a player reaches the move will not be affected by the skirt or shorts in the same way.

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