Popular Sexy Party Dress Trend

You have a party? Or if you participate in a party? In both cases, it is important that you understand the latest party trends and sustained. A popular third-party trend is the party dress trend. This means that the party's designated host its guests and guests of the dress code must be followed. Guests realized that the dress code through invitation cards. These dress rules for all types of occasions and events, such as weddings, birthdays, prom nights, anniversaries and office use.

The following are some of the popular dress code parties:

Black tie party

This code is usually used for weddings, dances and receive functions. This is a formal party, and the men were wearing suits, women wearing party dress. Guests wearing clothing completely depends on the decision of the host. The invitation, it can be said, it can be a black-tie attire, but the semi-formal evening dress code.

If this is a formal office party or meeting the code, then the man should go gray or black evening dress to match the relationship, and for semi-formal occasions, they can choose to wear white or black tuxedo and evening dress. For women, it is recommended to wear evening dress or a long dress, evening dress or in the case of formal or semi-formal activities in the case of office parties, they can go wide leg pants.

White tie party

The largest official events, including balls, banquets and operas code. For men, it is important to remember that, in some cases, such attire only after wearing six in the evening or after dark. For any white tie event, the men will be wearing a waist-length coat or jacket with in behind two tails, white wing collar, white cotton bow tie, put down leg pants with a striped wool or silk, silk socks, white shirt evening dress, Opera, coats, shoes. For women, it is full-length wearing a gorgeous party dress. Is acceptable as a shawl, long gloves and other accessories.

Lounge and cocktail

Parties in accordance with this section is not elegant formal first two discussed in this article. A man can wear a suit and tie any color they like, with or without a tie. A button-down shirt will also add elegance. For women, short elegant party dress accessories, such as a clutch purse would be a great idea. Women should look sexy evening party dress occasions and activities, including, for example, strapless, low neck and short skirts.

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