Prom Dress Trends 2014

Prom night is one of the most important nights of a young girl’s life.  The dress is of utmost importance, obviously, so it’s essential to get the prefect dress that is on trend with the season.  Prom dress trends for 2014 aren’t too different from runway trends but the new trends add an air of elegance and mystery to each dress style. 

One of the most popular fabrics for prom dresses this season is chiffon.  This fabric is the perfect choice for a wispy, romantic looking dress that will float magically behind you all night long.  Chiffon is a fabric that will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly for the whole night.  Chiffon also flows naturally and beautifully in the A-line and sheath styles this season. 

Lace and embroidered elements are especially popular this season; perhaps it’s because embroidery looks beautiful on chiffon fabric.  No matter the reason, lace overlay and embroidery have a major part in the prom dresses of 2014.  These elements can bring an air of modernity to a dress but can also bring a delicate vintage feel to any dress style.  Lace on prom dresses this year makes appearances as overlay, cut out, scattered, or making the complete dress.  Lace on a dress, regardless of the amount or placement, makes a dramatic statement and instantly demands attention and stares.  Beads and sequins are also popular additions to any prom dresses for 2014.  Beading can be seen on dresses that vary in styles and lengths, from sweeping the floor to grazing your knees, giving glamour and sparkle that will last all night.  

With the glam factor that beading can give dresses, it’s no surprise that another distinct theme of prom dresses in 2014 is retro-inspired dresses.  Dresses ranging from the dropped waist, fringed hemlines of the 1920s to the tight bodices and A-line skirts of the 1950s are all making appearances in prom dress silhouettes this year.  Even the ruffles of the 1980s are making a comeback! Though not as abundantly as dresses of the 80s, ruffles this year add a playful and very feminine air to prom dresses.  Along with ruffles of course, come peplums! Peplums are very flattering on every body type and are perfect for those girls who want a little something extra on their dress but not as much as lace cutouts and elaborate beading details. 

With vintage dress silhouettes resurfacing, it’s only natural that a bold color for dresses would surface to make retro silhouettes modern.  The colors most popular for this season of prom dresses are bright orange and red.  These colors look great next to almost every skin tone and are unique enough that dresses in these colors have a unique look to them and therefore, are quite eye catching dresses! 

Going to the prom in the perfect dress with the perfect date is every high school girl’s dream.  Thanks to these great and versatile trends, finding the perfect dress will be easier than ever.  But finding the perfect date?  That’s up to you.


Wedding latest creative form

Wedding planner for your grand launch - 2013 Western-style wedding scene of the latest ideas, followed by the international forefront of fashion trends, you romantic colorful Western-style wedding, simple shape slightly!

In the past the wedding, the food has been the focus, but now we can focus to a cocktail on. Cocktail cultural development of the new trends, including adding interactive elements bar. Let your guests maintain a pleasant and comfortable key, we can be attributed to the music and cocktails. Let everyone mingled with the most important is the ability on the dance floor to relax.

Wedding live music, you can also use than traditional music more diverse way. The new trend is to move all the different types of musical elements blend into your wedding, such as choirs, jazz bands, 80s dance music and late-night DJ and more.

Some of the topics wedding photography has become increasingly popular. If you want from the theme to draw inspiration, how from its cheesy extracted out of it? The easiest way is to color a fuss. Venues is to determine how we conduct the whole design concept important part.

For the traditional space to add unique style approach, the modern bride would like to have more and more non-traditional venues open, Europe cornfields and desert Joshua tree space are increasingly affected by the new people are welcome . Because they all have this one thing in common: they are natural, open. New people just like you can on a white canvas draw their own exclusive dream wedding colors.


Luxury Dresses Make You a Social Star

Social dresses are designed for social gathering occasions, including business meetings, private parties, ceremony, cocktail, listening to the operas, etc. Ladies wear social dresses to enhance the overall images, to increase their personal charm, as well as to show respects for others.

Evening dress

Evening dress is kind of an etiquette dress which is worn in the evening for the occasions of formal gathering, ceremonies and celebrations.

This kind of dresses, their length reaches out to insteps, their fabrics pursuing ruffles elegance and perfect vertical feels. As for the color, black is the grandest one.

Evening dresses are various in styles, and the Western-style long dresses, with being bare-chested, backless, noble and romantic, showing the charm of western women. Chinese-style evening dresses are noble and elegant, which models the specific eastern charm. Besides, there are also some styles of combining Chinese and Western elements. It is proper to choose the accessories in elegant, showily and exaggerated styles to highlight the women characteristics.

Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dress is kind of an etiquette dress which is worn in the day or night cocktail parties for the occasions of formal gathering, ceremonies and celebrations. The dresses' lengths are 5cm more or less than the knees' and are suitable for young women. It is proper to choose accessories in simple and smooth styles to fit stress the dress styles.

If you are, in some dinner occasions, too late to change your clothes, you can use the pantsuits instead. You should make sure the pantsuits are black, and you'd better wear a pair of crystal earrings, change into silvery high-heeled shoes, pin brooches or wear a necklace matching the earrings, which would enhance the sense of elegance immediately. For the need of being sexy, you can pull down the zipper a little to show the lace of your pretty bra. Besides, you may take with a vanity bag ornamented by crystal instead of a big handbag as well as take with a colorful wrap matching the shoes or the vanity bag.

Skirt suit

Skirt suit is worn by working women in the occasion of celebrations and ceremonies. This kind of dress shows the working women's elegant demeanors of elegance, dignity and capability. The clothes matching the skirt suit show the implicit and solemn style, and for this, pearl accessories are preferred.

To concern two things before choosing a dress:

Knowing about the levels of dinner parties as soon as possible, especially the dress requirements for the guests which decide you will choose a formal evening dress or cocktail dresses. With having referred to the dress requirements, you should also know more about the host's clothes taste and preference as well as the probable clothes worn by the superior leaders present in the parties to avoid stealing their show.

It must be a wisely way to select clothes in accordance with your ages, sizes, taste preferences and the demands of occasions to fit your personal temperament styles.

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Full Sweet Wedding Dress

Each girl has to do the bride's expectations, or sexy, or sweet, or a princess or queen, girls also have different ideas about their own wedding dress requirements can be simple and elegant, noble and elegant, with each the evolution of the trend of the kinds of wedding dress, wedding dress not just a single form, traditional, modern, retro, wide range of small, give you this fruit wedding dress, strawberry , grapes, apples, oranges, your favorite kind of taste, your favorite color of the wedding dress on behalf of your choice, flooded with the taste of fruit every corner, so that these sweet wedding dress, and you go into the temple of happiness.

Lemon color

Bright lemon-yellow, giving a bright and cheerful feeling, not only can reflect the bride and lively sexy, and vibrant spirit. Can appeal to bring all the guests.

Blueberry taste

Sweet and sour blueberries, you are my only, very suitable for wedding significance of this wedding dress very pastoral style, lovely and fresh and yet generous.

Choice of strawberry

The girl in the face of the people they want to marry, around there were many suitors, many suitors girls to choose favorite, like this wedding dress, many fruits, choose their favorite strawberry the choice of strawberry, meaning Although a variety of colorful, with every type of fruit, put in front of me, I only liked my favorite, as you are my only one.

Cherry happiness

The wedding dress is sweet, cute, warm and cheerful personality perfect interpretation.

Aqua blue fantasy

Blue, on behalf of the intellectual, fresh with elegance.


Tips for Buying Cheap Wedding Dress

Do you intend to buy cheap wedding dresses online store? If so, then read the whole article, because it can help you buy quality wedding dress at a reasonable price. There is a misconception that you have to compromise with quality at the same time, from the online store to purchase a wedding dress. If you are fully aware of the facts and figures, to buy a wedding dress, then you can buy something special to wear. Women always want to look different and unique, because it is their nature. To accompany their wants and needs, many online stores provide high quality prom and wedding dresses.

How to choose the right wedding dress?

Many women are confused to buy wedding dress from online stores. The reasons behind this confusion is not getting properly fitted wedding dress fear. This is not the case, all the online stores certified with the appropriate sales and proof of purchase, because they are dealing with people around the world. In addition, all of the clothing brand, from where you can buy high quality wedding dress sewn, an online store at a low rate.

First, buy a wedding dress, you have to keep in mind:


Fashion designer or online store
You can also find seasonal garage sales, low interest rates wedding dress good quality. Browse online store to buy cheap wedding dresses, because there are a lot of sales and local brands do not have the quote is the best way. Here are some basic tips to buy prom and wedding dress at a reasonable price.

Buy a wedding dress at the same time, make sure that you are concerned with the design and cut cloth. Style wedding dress matters a lot, so do your research at the same time, taking into account that, buy a.

There is also an option to buy second-hand wedding dress for those who can not buy new, because of budget problems.

Another option is the online wedding shops and beauty salons, because they offer cheap dress wedding and prom nights.

You can also contact your local boutiques and designers who are willing to sell cheap wedding dress.

Another best way to save money to buy a wedding dress, your friends or relatives.
To save money, you can do your shopping season when is turned off. This technique will help you take advantage of the most favorable price.

So, in a nutshell, there is no harm from the online store to buy cheap wedding dress.

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Prom dresses 2013 - Fabric Trends

Looking for, you will find that by prom dresses 2013 collection chiffon, satin, taffeta and transparent organza fabric.

This is not surprising, because this is the softest fabrics, are good, fresh, the effect of weight loss, which is always an advantage. The more important is the a chiffon dress flat shape.

As a growing number of lace fabric in the choice of dress 2013. Of course, the lace adds attractive woman dance of any equipment, is a perfect choice

These are some of the prom dresses 2013 the most popular trends. But the fact is, PROM is a one-time events. Although you are eagerly looking forward to the prom, want to look your best and the best investment dress, but the fact is that you will not soon, or even often wear dress.

Therefore, the best way to find cheap prom dresses 2013. Cheap course, this does not refer to the mass of the skirt, but only cost.

Where can I find a prom dress 2013 cheap?

Internet is the best place for your research. There are several online stores that offer the best prices in the wedding. Because they are transported directly to your clothes, this shop is in the dress of the different intermediate bodies and physical storage costs to cost savings.

They have to do is display the photos on their website, once your order is confirmed, they may choose from the designer (or the centralized hub), and send it to you.

Through cost savings, they give you, you can get your prom dress 2013 cheap.

Of course, you have to be more convenient shopping from the comfort of your home.

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YolanCris revival Vintage Wedding Dresses Collection

Hanging bell-shaped hat! Yolan Cris Revival Vintage collection of exquisite wedding dress. Poiret-inspired accent beaded, vintage Chantilly lace dress and flapper style accessories to match, which is a collection of inspiring look at the Roaring '20s themed wedding bride. Above, sets the Lunda high collar, lower than the Lisboan mermaid dress.

Wow! Is not this dress amazing? Almeria cap sleeve gown, the coverage of a complex bead work.

Love with a called Paris: thick halter neck thinner cross strap. Oh pretty lace pattern! Cute!

Milan, another lace dress, V neck.

The channel bit Bohemia Prague, unique dress neckline.

Copenhagen the amazing mesh Sabrina neckline wedding dress.

Sweet Monaco layered Lace the slightly tulle wedding dress.

Cadiz has a beautiful rose pattern embroidery on the bodice and hips.

Other benefits - Rome wedding dress layered striped skirt.

A touch of color - the elongated blue lace corset dress.

Sitting pretty in Munich dress with long sleeves and shoulders.

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