Crazy over the latest Wedding Collection 2012

Guess 2012 wedding collection, we will discuss. Now, the most important thing is, I want you to talk about the wedding dress. A friend of mine and I have a big, ugly zirconium rings, only to pretend busy trying on clothes. We are a local bridal salon and drinking champagne and elegant fiancee, salesperson, and Charles and Sebastian have an appointment with the explosion talking about the blink of an eye.

I went to the church to repentance, at the end of the wedding and the wedding is still hanging in the pictures taken? Then, you know, we're talking about. Dear God, what wedding it? Strapless wedding dress, wedding dress halter, bare neck dress to ban land, our Queen. If we are a country of the Pope, not the priest married the couple decree.We bride's breasts, to indulge in that "" clothing. In fact, we are addicted women choose to ridicule the whorish ensemble. We look at this program, sitting on my couch eating cereal with the side of the box O-eat dinner wine, the judge's husband.

I want to wear a wedding dress, I saw a great idea, and we are willing and brave enough to find a person. This is off the shoulders and chest, the line flow. Of course, white, but because of who we are crazy. We wear long gloves and a magician with to make it look even more amazing.

We never get married if you're sitting around the house, you can watch the monastery section of the city center. The bride will love this series is definitely fading! Today, BN bride Elie Ellie Saab (Elie Saab) you Boutique1, a new collection.

The collection of her dazzling the Lebanese designer wedding bride the PRONOVIAS decline of a clear favorite. BN to return Ogundipe (no Udah) Ellie Saab (Elie Saab) dress for her wedding last year, I chose a beautiful Elie Dubai Stephanie Okereke-Linus Paris Doyin Wu (no Abi Aura), her wedding, so I'm doing this to her dream wedding!

The bride will have the opportunity to select their choice of sample design wedding, not their costs. Add something new to come in, if you or any of you know the wedding, you can give the bride wedding angel throughout the United States, to help the new bride. Many of the wedding fast approaching the challenge of implementation, but the angel wedding has been ready to help find the most suitable for your wedding day the bride! Boutique skilled specialists bride and military knowledge to meet your ideal clothes.

We most admired about the set covering every dress is very beautiful. Jacket, Ellie Saab (Elie Saab) 2013 annual honeymoon, did not look close to or sewn lace or half sleeves.


The latest trends in wedding flowers

Wedding flowers is just first got married the the bride most important considerations. The flowers are beautiful decoration to describe the style and atmosphere of your wedding. That is why it is always in the preparations for the wedding, every couple of considerations.

The brilliant topic or theme, which defines every detail of the ceremony and the reception, can be represented by flowers. Why focus on the flowers do? Why not? After all, you only get once married. This is only happen once in our lives, and the details on it, because it will remain forever in our memory.

Is already necessary to obtain a luxurious wedding planners. It is most likely because the couple desperate to get everything perfect and timely, therefore, people who can take care of all the wedding details venue, the caterers, the cake needs, wedding invitations, and even luxury limousine services. Which also includes the wonderful and amazing flowers and other decorations and ideas for your site. With the right finishing touches, the wedding ceremony is likely to be an undoubted success.

The trend today, including this special day flowering from different experiences, different cultures and traditions. Many people believe that flowers are an important part of any wedding. This helps the mood and tone of the wedding. Everyone wants their wedding is romantic, wonderful, because it happens only once in our lives.

Wedding florist wedding bouquets, planning and contact your trusted spend 9-10 months before your wedding is a kind of encouragement. Find someone who not only provided the inspiration and expert advice can also submit the design to provide honest and trustworthy reviews. They also need to be able to decorate your venue, will be fully compatible with the dress you wear.

Can be used as wedding planning our wedding flowers guide, covering almost all the queries and clarifications, including wedding trend. Therefore, one of the themes of the trend is the use of retro style. Although trends come and go, floral arrangements often look like their anger. Fashion table this problem depends on your floral design chic and clever. It should allow you to create a look all your decorations a, this is a very eye-catching core. Flowers can be a good conversation beginning the focus, because it adds color, for guests to start a dialogue.


Elegant wedding dress trends Princess 2013

Romantic side ponytail long hair

Long hair, very attractive romantic side ponytail name. The name nameput concern women most of this hair. Therefore, more women and girls choose the romantic side of the ponytail forlong hair.if women with long hair, this style is perfect, because they can not control their hairs.often girl cutting her hair and save her hair, but they should not interrupt you, their beautiful hair and long hair, wear romantic side ponytail. Therefore, they can keep the beautiful, her hair, her beautiful and long hair.If women, silky, long straight hair, romantic side, they can wear long hair hairstyle ponytail, they can save wasted.

First, all of the women or girls want to wear it starts with straight or curly hair with a comb. Then, trimming the top end portion of their hair. Fingers open or loose curls, hair in their hair
Women or girls to wear a safety elastic ponytail side, leave a small piece of pear loose nap.one small the packaging piece around the ponytail, they should pin ponytail
When using the fingers loose ponytail, then they can be gently sprayed on the hair.

Your romantic side ponytail long hair, so beautiful.we usually wear this hairstyle. However, when the girl was wearing this style of makeup and pretty clothes, we can see that they really beautiful and romantic. Most women wear the long-haired romantic side ponytail forget Men attractive and increase the beauty of nature.

They are also very flexible. You can wear this hairstyle. The ponytail hairstyle married a long period of time.

This the charming hairstyle volatile root of the spray solution and leave. The women say, like the romantic side of long hair only simple hairstyle ponytail really a very flexible.Romantic side ponytail hairstyle is a modern hairstyle is very easy to do, for those with long hair medium length.

Romantic horsetail hair the same, a lot of impact the beautiful natural hairs.this style adhere to all hair full time, this is because there are a lot of benefits, the beauty of the natural hair ponytail may be damaged and weak. Women should avoid using a lot of hair spray.

Women and girls should wear the romantic sideponytail long hair, in different occasions and parties.


Wedding Dresses Trend Of 2013

If you are married in 2013, you need to know next year's wedding dress trends iconic sillhouettes bold splashes of color. Here are five top trend wedding fashion storm, 2013:


Ever since the royal wedding, the country has been in love with lace wedding! The detail and complexity of a designer and eternal structure collection has been added to all styles of wedding dresses. From modern to traditional to modern, retro, you must find a wedding dress dotted with charming details. Different from overskirts and incision panel option sleeves and shrug.

Hollow back

Keyhole and lace incision is a firm trend, next year's wedding dress to support from a few years ago the trend. The latest research to borrow retro design again, the main lace detail and pure panel, showing a moderate to peek at the bride's back. Sexy, complicated, and this trend is a lovely way to add an extra element to your wedding dress.


White and ivory wedding is not the only option! Next year, the design was inspired by the retro palette, deep Victorian red and blue tones, or delicate shades of brown, blush pink and feminine lace details. Dual-tone wedding dress the growing popularity of 2, is a good choice, if you still want a white dress mainly. Or, if you something truly unique, a retro stamp for your wedding dress after that?

Peplums and layer

Short overskirt peplum is a definition of the waist, to see a lot of on the runway. Add structure and decorative the easiest dress, the peplums next year is a popular fashion. Fabric of the wedding dress is also a big winner Stylished layer, add additional interest and modern flavor, texture and shape combinations.

Combination and convertible dress

Why meet in a clothes, you can put your dress into two (or more) different appearance when you move from the ceremony? More and more brides choose to limit heavy wedding dress to the party's second clothes, but if you can combine the two and make a statement, adaptable clothes? Layer, removable skirt, sleeves, veils, trails and jackets are popular bride stripped away from their wedding different elements, and look forward to creating a brand-new!

No matter the style of your wedding, you must find the things you love, in the next year's wedding trends. But the most important thing is to follow your heart and your taste, keep looking until you find your perfect wedding dress.


Takami Bridal princess wedding dress strapless

You're planning a wedding this year? You must be carefully prepared. Do not let not attractive because people can choose to dress played Adam. Therefore, looking for references to the appropriate clothes. If you want to look like a princess, you can do this, do not be afraid to try to appear different. As we all know, have a beautiful daughter. Here are some examples of wedding dress design Takami.
Takami of the wedding dress is so beautiful, I really like the clothes of a princess. Daughter strapless wedding dress will make it look so appealing, and the shape of your body will be obvious, and you will look sexy. The pattern is so elegant, very, very amazing, once you see it will immediately its beautiful shock. Therefore, you want to hold a wedding ceremony, you can wear beautiful clothes and immediate attention will be focused on you. The colors are soft and elegant, to establish their own confidence.


Wedding Dresses Collection Show 2012

5 traditional, you can skip

Tradition is great, but not all of the traditional wedding is necessary, or even meaningful in today's wedding. It is a very important tradition is that it means something to you. So, do not do the traditional wedding vows, if they keep not your personal sense - write your own! Or, if your father is not in your life, no matter what the reason, do not feel you have to have a person to give you. The things you do not feel right, and make you happy in your wedding.

Here are some of the ancient tradition, not a lady, and a couple, I think it is outdated and clumsy.

Although the idea of ​​"face" of your friends and family to you, do not bother me (at least you will know where to find you a glimpse of), I also like to let people sit, they want ideas for your wedding. It does not need the usherette, I also think it is totally unnecessary

Never let your guests at your wedding, if you can avoid it, do not do to stand in a line, unless it is a food or beverage. Receiving line is pointless waste of time. You and your husband to eat dinner, and just walked up and down all the tables, and quick greetings and thank you for your guests. This allows your guests very comfortable, you and your spouse have more time to dance the night away!

Do you remember the wedding favors you received at the wedding? I bet you would say "no". While favors can be a fun way to your wedding details, including your personality and identity, they are not necessary, and may not be missed. Completely skip them feel uncomfortable? To do something extra, your guests can enjoy - like candy or snack bar - lovely paper bag with some home. Or make charitable donations instead of favors. I like the way it is in the photo above.

First of all, you may pay at least $ 150 (or more), bouquet, it is gorgeous. You just toss money around? Of course not. Second, and more importantly, it is a shame. Not suitable for your bride, but the single ladies onto the dance floor, may be forced to smile when they were told that they could be the next lucky person to marry, "If they seize that rose bouquet. Who is a bridesmaid eight times before, I am engaged in the experience more than I remember the wedding, and as a girl, I say.

I firmly believe that you should wear your wedding beautiful garters, you should leave it to find in your husband on your wedding night. Do not, I beg you, do the garter toss at your reception. In my opinion, when someone says, "garter toss" the first word is unpalatable. Or maybe it is the hair. Absolute embarrassment. I mean, come on - who are willing to sit there and look at your husband and your guests to climb your dress, to remove your garter (real cute, do so with their teeth!) YUCK. It's definitely a tradition, the toss. Wear pretty garters, shooting the photos through it as a family heirloom or blue stuff. However, do not toss it.

Stephane Rolland 2012 Winter customized popular

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