How to Maintain Dress

First of all, you can ask the material of the dress when you purchase. And if you need to devote particular care to beading, sequin and crystal embellishments.

Cleaning methods:

Wet cleaning:
1. If the dress rub off on wine or champagne. It shall put towel under the wedding dress immediately, scrub with white vinegar or detergent, then blot up with absorbent paper in order to avoid stamp.

2. Wet wash is the key, because the embellishment on the wedding dress such as beading can be destroyed by the chemicals during the dry clean. The best way is put the wedding dress into the water which include mild neutral detergent, soak for a while. The blot left by wine, oil, even perspiration can be cleaned. Washing machine and dehydration must be avoid, or the embellishments will be fell off.

Dry cleaning:
1. Some dress need to be dry cleaned. Especially those made of silk, cellulose acetate fiber, artificial silk and wool material. It must use solvent which already filtered to wash the dress, clear and definite the type and the location of the blot, otherwise there will be vestigital.

2. Some cleaning merchant suggest using special cleaning method, actually there is no need and it is expensive. So, it is better to choose creditworthy cleaning shop. Open the package and check the dress after cleaning.

1. After cleaning, the dress should be airing, but it never be put under the blazing sun for quite a long time. Those sequins, flowers etc. are easily dropped and the dress will be embrittled after insolation.

2. Don't hang up the dress for there is vertical force after a very long time, the dress will be elongated even teared.

Should be put in a cool and dry place, for example: closet, under the bed. Worst of all is attic or basement.. The former will make the dress to be heated so as to fade. The latter will result in mildew. Please wash your hands before storing up your dress to avoid cosmetic, if not, there will be a small yellow spot on the dress after a long time. In general, the dress should be fold up. Acid free material added in the folds, upper body and the sleeves with the lining, then stored in acid free big box. Sometimes, there must be a gap on the box, to keep the air circulation. We need to pay more attention to this for pure cotton texture dress. Oxygen in the air is easy to destroy the cotton fiber if too much ventilation, but we are unablle to make sure that if the dress will mould because of placed for a long time. So it's very important to choose the appropriate storage tool.

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The world's top ten brands wedding dress - Amsale Aberra

As one of the four ancient civilizations of China, rich cultural heritage thousands of years, the years of bloom, as the global economic, cultural change, China's traditional culture has also added a lot of new ideas gradually rise to new forms of culture, performance of the more obvious of which is the Chinese wedding.

As a person's life wedding feast of the most significant has been the Chinese people the most important thing, as the pace of reform and opening up, China wedding included a lot of Western elements,

Wedding is a new form of newcomers from all corners of common witness in each other's wedding took to the red carpet, so to retain some form of traditional wedding customs, such as: preparing for the wedding, wedlock, lion dance and other forms, but also into for example the exchange of rings and other Western elements, and was undoubtedly one of the most Western specialties wedding day the bride dress.

Journey of Love Sissy as a professional wedding consultant will showcase the world's fourth-ranked wedding dress brand - Amsale Aberra. Amsale born in Ethiopia, 25 years wedding design formed her unique style, he is good use of lines, lace, etc. designed to enhance the wedding elegant, noble temperament, and has been sought after by countless women. She who is three brand design task, today will demonstrate that Kenneth Pool2014 new spring and summer wedding.

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How to Choose the Shooting Style of Wedding Photography

Everyone will get married, and naturally can not avoid the shooting of the wedding. But how to choose the wedding style? According to a friend of guidance and their own experience, the author summed up the experience of five points.

No.1 wedding photography style do before

Before shooting the Internet to find some of their favorite wedding or star wedding can be. Like style in mind. To and the exchange of the photographer, it is necessary to these pictures out to do the next exchange. Of course, these pictures are for reference only. Because wedding photography is not a simple copy.

No.2 wedding location choice should be suitable

The filmed choice recommended that the advice of the photographer. Them in various parts of the sampling point and shoot for a long time, you can fully grasp the light and feel of these known attractions. Moreover, the unknown the attractions always unknown things. However, it is not absolute.

No.3 bring reliable friends reminding objective recommendations

With friends suggestions is a good idea. However, this friend must be particularly aware of their own people. Either close buddies or parents. Point to pay special attention, of course, is to make sure that the people who accompany you will not impose their own views to you, after all, wedding photographs, to marry your own thing.

No.4 best reference to the recommendations of the professionals

The bride photography agency consultant long-term contact with all kinds of customers with a better understanding of the style. Their proposal is also an indispensable reference when you choose one of the factors. Although the proposal is not the only wedding photography studio, but it is also one of the reference index.

No.5 try on wedding shooting

Wedding dress to wear when shooting try it in advance is necessary. Try can be found in a lot of detail on the issues which can ahead of time to adjust. Accessories such as you like with your clothes are reasonable. Sit down, squat wedding will discomfort. The wedding flat surface is enough, will not rub hurt the skin.

Determine the appropriate wedding hairstyle

Choosing the right wedding hairstyle is as important as choosing the right wedding dress. Choose your style is a very important addition to your wedding dress you will wear. Here are some options to suit different wedding dress:

Strap wedding dress: go to a romantic style with soft waves or low ponytail.
Strapless wedding dress: buns, or leave it all.
For halter or V-neck wedding dress: To buns to show off your sexy V-neck.
For a cap sleeve dress: Modern ponytail or a simple side bun.

Now, to understand the different types of hair different wedding hairstyle:
Curly: ditching curly hair, but what nature has given you to play. Applications and humidity fighting ingredients made products to keep frizz at bay.

Straight: Let it all around impressed. Applications to add extra shine and luster.

Thick hair: a twisted half buns as braided and twisted styles will look better, not simply preserved.

Hairs: In this case, it is always better to keep hair easy. To something unique. Add twists and turns, the baby's braids, loops, and other accessories. Wash your hair the day before your wedding day, if you wash your wedding day, it will be too soft eliminated.

Oily: If it is prone to grease, you can wear it to think twice before. Keep your roots look clean and dry overnight. You can add a little baby powder to keep it free of oil. But be sure to pat it until there is no white powder, can be seen.

Short hair: Try some or gel gel side are all back, a modern and elegant appearance. You can add a slick and artificial ponytail.

Hair: long hair, you have more choices. If you want to wear it, try an elegant bun, high ponytail or bun, show off your neck and shoulder design your dress. You can also make a low ponytail curls and allow your shoulders downward cascade.

Bride rarely wear a hat, but if you insist on wearing a wear your hair down. It can be straight or curled, through the entire length, or only at both ends. No lid / hat and buns to hide it.

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