5 Different Shades Sashion Wedding

My wedding, I call the shots, according to the different main colors of the wedding, to create a full range of ideal dream wedding!

1. Romantic Pink Wedding

The courage to try to belong pink flowers, but the flowers showing different shades of color, so you can try to put flowers in the wedding scene, from shallow to deep in the order placed flowers in full bloom shock must give people the feeling of .

Creative practice through creative way to maximize rendering the pink theme of the wedding, such as the presence of female guests to prepare a beautiful pink DVD case.

Too feminine the manufacturing compared in order to avoid wedding decorations, pale pink and deep purple or a thick chocolate color combination, the color contrast to reconcile the tone.

2. Green Party wedding

Pale green olive branch often people think of the quiet of nature, but the green is not just only represent the "peaceful", choose a the vivid light gray color corresponding with, gives a visual impact to create a visual impact.

To meet the health needs of the green and prepare food, organic vegetables and try to choose the green health professional farm sales of fish and meat.

Dotted luminous ornaments emerald green gems represent eternal love can green crystal ornaments, glowing in your important items.

3. Enthusiasm Red Wedding

Dramatic effect red represents passion exudes high Candlestick leisurely candlelight and roses with stems help to create a romantic atmosphere excellent.

Color with red and white is a classic combination use with both colors for weddings create both hot and pure ideal.

Festive wedding Christmas or Valentine's Day when you get married, you can select with the festive atmosphere of colorful, delightful decorations, such as mints hang on the Christmas tree.

4. Charm Gold Wedding

Wise to choose the color with yellow decorative wedding should be based on the specific circumstances, or to use a small amount of bright yellow as the overall tone of embellishment or the use of a single piece of yellow items echo the theme, such as soft butter.

Color selected yellow flowers is a very happy color, so you want to choose to comply with this feeling of flowers, for example, holding flowers to be elected yellow daffodils or sunflowers.

Using lemon in the outdoor garden wedding ceremony when you can use a small lemon trees surround the entire celebration of the scene, or placed a row of freshly squeezed juice.

5. Elegant Purple Wedding

Try noble style purple represents luxury color, gorgeous setting the table, such as the selection of velvet cushions, dark purple or wine red tablecloth.

Adhere to a uniform color tones make the wedding extremely fine, when placed lilac, lavender lavender and violet color express a kind of sweet atmosphere.

Build indoor "oasis" organized indoor wedding, then the entire venue is located the highest wedding ceremony at the station would look very warm with exotic purple orchids decorated.

Creative wedding photos 2013


The Beauty Dress of Cheongsam 2013

The cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress. In the past, women often wear. Now, although it has exited in everyday life, it has become a new trend in the wedding scene. Qipao can perfectly show the beautiful curve of the waist and hips. This is a mixed classical charm and modern feel sexy. Chinese women, foreigners can display the exotic beauty of the cheongsam.

Red is the color in traditional Chinese wedding. This means happiness and luck. Many brides choose red cheongsam wedding. Although follow fashion, the application of some other color design. The color will not be limited in the red. Black, pink, sapphire elegant color of the wedding dress. White is the wedding of old ideas in an unlucky color. The wedding clothing popular with the Western wedding dress, white color is accepted by the majority. White cheongsam is a new trend. The bride can also have more choices.

Is most common in the clothing embroidery embellishment. Flowers and Phoenix is ​​the most design patterns good bride and marry her meaning. A Chinese ink painting, is a fresh idea. Active color to show the natural beauty of the bride. In addition to embroidery, lace a new application. Add to Western elements, the cheongsam mean a more modern feel. The bride wore lace cheongsam can be a little sexy.

In addition to the changes in color and decoration, the style has changed. Traditional cheongsam is a closed collar and sleeves, high collar short-term or medium-term. Strapless, sleeveless, shoulder, halter neck and backless design new elements. Open design, women are limited in the old style, shoulder and neck. These show that women are more sexy and obvious beauty. Traditional cheongsam straight length to the knee to the ankle. New ideas also apply to these two parts. Can be beautiful and sexy miniskirt style. High - low style mermaid is modern and stylish. Train style and A-style is elegant and noble. With these changes, the traditional Chinese cheongsam became a new look. It can attract more people to try.

To match the cheongsam, the bride can wear gold jewelry, especially in the red cheongsam. Hairstyle updo style is the better choice. So, your neck will look slim, long-term perspective, especially in the high-necked dress. Western wedding dress is not the only one to choose the wedding dress. Cheongsam may be more popular in the future. The beauty of the cheongsam is not covered and forgotten.

Colorful Slim Bridal Gown 2013

Colorful bride dress bride set off the more gentle and moving, so that the bride's gestures between bloom charming glory.

If the bright colors of green and pink bridal gown to the policies formulated by the beautiful Annie, will have what kind of bride style?

Green V-neck bridal gown off the bride very graceful figure, will set off the bride's graceful figure do not have a flavor. Waist decorations diamond design wedding dress increase the luxury and noble temperament, with the noble hair accessories on the bride's head unfolded perfectly exquisite sense of the bride.

The green flowing tail bride dress designed the bride's body set off more tall, with a thick Oriental bride classical taste, the beauty of the bride by the bride a show of hands every move she makes between perfect in the wedding scene unfolded . Bride dress bride elegance coupled with this personal design becomes very luxury.

If the bright colors of green and pink bridal gown to the policies formulated by the beautiful Annie, will have what kind of bride style?

Pink Bra-bride dress the bride's body set off the more elegant, heavy sense of sense of elegant and satin silk material with pink bridal gown fusion of classical beauty and modern beauty, the elegance and beauty of the bride wedding dress unfolded perfect. Waist the satin design also has a unique heavy feeling.

Wedding dress hem pleated irregular design, close to Slam’s well-designed and spacious skirt fold design wedding dress unified unfolded, the US ceremony, the bride's wedding dress perfect unfolded, the bride's face red makeup and pink bride dress matched with a classical bride beauty.


How to wear wedding dress will be more elegant

A woman, whether she is extraordinary or beauty outstanding, whether she is rich or not, wear the wedding dress of the moment, she is the most beautiful woman in the world, gave her a wedding dress in woman heart than just beautiful there is happiness, there are expectations, there is yearning. The following Xiaobian teach you prospective brides according to their own body to choose the wedding dress, so that in the moment of that Holy Spirit filling their elegant and noble temperament.

Small chest bride:

Chest level you select on, as long as some special design can be, but the high collar may not suitable for you, fluffy material, can make your body look "!

Small chest than the chest easily modified, chest pad to thicker cover up with ruched wedding dress also allows you to show a flirtatious feminine, do not mix much in the way of eye-catching complicated jewelry.

Sexy low-cut wedding dress, sketched out the bride's abundance figure, three-dimensional lace, the bride like a stealth flower fairy, graceful posture of the tracks you lived, the trailing drag pendulum traction, FengHuaJueDai Queen.

Wide shoulder bride:

Broad shoulders because the shoulder line is too long, in order to strike a balance, the more vertical lines cut and ship collar, soft inlaid on the shoulder can be soft too broad lines. Because of the wide shoulders you can easily become the focus of attention of the family, so wear jewelry mood to play, slender necklace, than the necklace to be appropriate.

Dough and a touch of yarn with satin, showing a dreamy soft color, exquisite embroidery embellishment Rousha, simple cut to show the light and beauty, showing infinite lovely and charming.

A woman, whether she is extraordinary or beauty outstanding, whether she is rich or not, wear the wedding dress of the moment, she is the most beautiful woman in the world, gave her a wedding dress in woman heart than just beautiful there is happiness, there are expectations, there is yearning. The following Xiaobian teach you prospective brides according to their own body to choose the wedding dress, so that in the moment of that Holy Spirit filling their elegant and noble temperament.

The fat bride:

Fat but the product of the civilized world. Is not wearing Puff on it, how Punta beauty is learned, simple lines can make you not in expansion, appropriate inlaid disguise your indispensable weapon Oh. Complicated jewelry lover you missed the large and simple accessories than numerous dazzling and appropriate, neat hair is your best choice.

Like a princess in a fairy tale, filled with a heart filled with joy, randomly dotted flowers add an elegant and imaginative temperament embedded in the sweet chest, embroidery, thread empty specially designed, injustice, the more pronounced the very lovely.

Skinny bride:

Width and round collar, high collar are best shape modification, while the A word body type allows more curve sense, a bit of the thickness of the fabric and colorful pattern inlaid, so you can be more weighty . Choose round or large necklace and headdress, do not select the slender, sparkling accessories highlight your dazzling charming and gracious style.

Wide thin chic with Japanese satin wedding dress, neat is not wordy, one cut to do now the graceful figure FengHuaJueDai sequins on the outer smock pattern, form a light gas stream like dancing ...

Chest fullness of the bride:

In the selection of the most important is to keep the lines from the neck to the abdomen simple and neat, too low-cut or monotonous lines may not be the best modification can let chest Ruching, and micro-collar low feeling. Necklace, necklace you seem superfluous ornaments, canopy sleeves and thin belt will make your chest look more "spectacular".

Dressed in exquisite satin A word wedding dress, waist special design, plus rich chiffon veil wedding dress changes, fine corrugated dough moving curve of the waist and make your body more light and moving .

Lower abdomen prominent bride:

Too soft fabrics will make your belly more prominent, and Satin, A word, because they do not close, with the rhythm of the body and the effect of the modification, but not due to the modification and selection of lace or inlaid Too many wedding dress.

Waist lines do not be too tight, too complex, to cover up the use of multi-level, but not too heavy, try to make the overall look relaxed, refreshing, clean.

A Bride's Wedding Experience

As a bride, a month ago I just after finishing the wedding. The wedding day is the only life grand festival of their own when the main character, those whose lives are important people to gather together the excitement of the day is irreplaceable.

Step by step and of little interest wedding also took part in a lot of, I think that the wedding is a unique and memorable impression for everyone to leave good memories. So, in addition they have to carefully design the wedding plot, the cost of the increase is necessary to accept the reality.

We do not want the elders pension spending money on our wedding day, but only our own understanding of how to entertain friends and family. So, banquet expenditures we decided to solve by the husband, I assume that the photographic camera, the master of ceremonies, venue decoration, makeup and other transactional overhead. From the choice of the wedding venue, to the selection of the photographic camera, make-up artist, master of ceremonies, as well as planning for the site layout, the wedding process design, consumes more than six months to many over the weekend, many of whom dispute. But the two joint problem solving process, to withstand the test before the ultimate combination.

Today, new hope wedding reflect their own thoughts, this demand of the new birth of a higher quality of service, and naturally corresponds to a higher price. Such as photography, video, makeup, emcee quite different aspects, different level, level, very basic service was provided, it was more like in providing luxury uphold create works of art was also seriously mentality.

Range can withstand, we are more willing to support those who love the Bank, on request, excellence in the details. A photographer have their own unique aesthetic style, one can see the make-up artist and highlights the beautiful features of the bride, a beautiful voice and can resourcefulness master of ceremonies, no doubt, are worth to pay a twice higher than for general practitioners reward.

Many people may ask, is inevitable on the market quite a mixed bag, this is, after all, is a one-time consumption, not so much time to understand this market and how to ensure not been fooled? In fact, I have no time and effort to go to a home compare, but to rely on the same industry recommended. I first noticed a pleasing photography studio, to chat, to get the information of the make-up artist. Then linked to this is very satisfied with the make-up artist, I am the master of ceremonies.

The master of ceremonies again after contact to final studio decorated wedding venue. To do so, first of all to ensure that the standards we need dedication who will recommend a dedicated. At the same time, which is equivalent to an acquaintance introduced, we won some concessions in the price. Personnel familiar guaranteed its spot with the degree. The so-called suspect not, employers do not doubt that, at the appropriate time, should believe career practitioners character.

If you want to be a novelty without your wedding, perhaps newcomer should compress the cost of the banquet itself, rather than from the commission of the wedding service - For outstanding service industry practitioners, to give them a little more recognition, they will better returns than expected.
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