Jasmine 2012 new wedding dress

Jasmine 2012 new wedding dresses, the whole family liked, simple lines, colorful small accessories, a wedding unique! Let's enjoy the latest wedding in 2012 Jasmine, you will choose which one it?

Jasmine 2012 new wedding dress
Jasmine designers this year, breaking the traditional wedding style, classical style, a different texture of the material to the performance level, giving the impression of elegant, the latest wedding nearly see there is a very human romantic sense.

Jasmine wedding flowing hem
Classical style Baotou white, revealing the graceful curve of the chest, as if the goddess from the Aegean elegant atmosphere yet dignified color wedding dress with pearl embellishment, even more temperament.

Jasmine fishtail wedding dress
Flounced the Slim robe dress, shoulder design, luxurious waist diamond pieces embellishment, the exquisite workmanship stacked fishtail skirt design, so that the whole set of dress as works of art, sophisticated.

Jasmine layers of wedding
From the bodice to the skirt, not layers of wonderful design. Sense of wrinkled shirt to create the cascading neckline design combined with sparkling details. The four petals combined into Hikiji skirt progressive layers to the aesthetic.

Layers of wedding
Jasmine latest wedding continuation of the previous series Digest - Features waist sash, light-colored embellishment is a new wedding personalized design, this is the year of the latest wedding trends.

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