5 Different Shades Sashion Wedding

My wedding, I call the shots, according to the different main colors of the wedding, to create a full range of ideal dream wedding!

1. Romantic Pink Wedding

The courage to try to belong pink flowers, but the flowers showing different shades of color, so you can try to put flowers in the wedding scene, from shallow to deep in the order placed flowers in full bloom shock must give people the feeling of .

Creative practice through creative way to maximize rendering the pink theme of the wedding, such as the presence of female guests to prepare a beautiful pink DVD case.

Too feminine the manufacturing compared in order to avoid wedding decorations, pale pink and deep purple or a thick chocolate color combination, the color contrast to reconcile the tone.

2. Green Party wedding

Pale green olive branch often people think of the quiet of nature, but the green is not just only represent the "peaceful", choose a the vivid light gray color corresponding with, gives a visual impact to create a visual impact.

To meet the health needs of the green and prepare food, organic vegetables and try to choose the green health professional farm sales of fish and meat.

Dotted luminous ornaments emerald green gems represent eternal love can green crystal ornaments, glowing in your important items.

3. Enthusiasm Red Wedding

Dramatic effect red represents passion exudes high Candlestick leisurely candlelight and roses with stems help to create a romantic atmosphere excellent.

Color with red and white is a classic combination use with both colors for weddings create both hot and pure ideal.

Festive wedding Christmas or Valentine's Day when you get married, you can select with the festive atmosphere of colorful, delightful decorations, such as mints hang on the Christmas tree.

4. Charm Gold Wedding

Wise to choose the color with yellow decorative wedding should be based on the specific circumstances, or to use a small amount of bright yellow as the overall tone of embellishment or the use of a single piece of yellow items echo the theme, such as soft butter.

Color selected yellow flowers is a very happy color, so you want to choose to comply with this feeling of flowers, for example, holding flowers to be elected yellow daffodils or sunflowers.

Using lemon in the outdoor garden wedding ceremony when you can use a small lemon trees surround the entire celebration of the scene, or placed a row of freshly squeezed juice.

5. Elegant Purple Wedding

Try noble style purple represents luxury color, gorgeous setting the table, such as the selection of velvet cushions, dark purple or wine red tablecloth.

Adhere to a uniform color tones make the wedding extremely fine, when placed lilac, lavender lavender and violet color express a kind of sweet atmosphere.

Build indoor "oasis" organized indoor wedding, then the entire venue is located the highest wedding ceremony at the station would look very warm with exotic purple orchids decorated.

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