My Beautiful wedding Dress

        A long time I did not write the log, sitting in front of the computer does not know what to write, the feeling of the whole people are lazy day, in addition to playing games or playing the game, so it went on day by day, over a little self-motivated are not, I do not know how now become like this.

        Wedding shoot yesterday, the mood is still pretty pleased because too excited sake, so that the photographs the night before did not fall asleep, do not know is not a lot of MM related to mood.

        Early in the morning God in tears, not only taxi passed overall still pretty smoothly. To slightly already half past nine, the next step is to try wedding. Makeup. Progress quite smoothly pan head tick. make-up artist is also very good for me, did not buy her something she did not show unhappy, one would ask that I was not tired, one would ask is not very boring course end 荼 pour Needless to say, in short, the feeling is The word "good" and do not know when I turned to talk to her days have said that I have been a makeup artist's sake, Oh, so special treatment, does not have to guess a super good mood anyway.

        The first set of white, super good mood, I want to shine should also not bad to go, the following two sets of expressions are also good, not feeling too stiff, barely be can, of course, I did not see the photo just under smug under it! final set of costume Originally, I chose the dress Evening, but her husband wanted me to try costume Think trial to try it, anyway, do not have the money, try out her husband insisted I wear the costume. There, see where the outlets Miss look good, my husband said, he said he kept the thankless nice

        In fact, I was little entertaining that Tai Su, too many people wearing the sake of it, can eventually choose to wear the costume, no way, because like her husband, but the mood is not the original so good I have with prior days pendulum wine, according to the wedding, which have a costume that I wear is the costume that she wore, even the hair are the same, this time I'm a bit depressed, because I do not like with others, according to the same style, depressed yet to come, the action of the photos are exactly the same with her, and my heart unhappy extreme, so that later the photographer old so we placed smiley little laughing face is stiff so much depressed according to not come out good photos, according to wedding MM must pay attention to the next, only a good mood, the photos shine out before the United States, do not take emotional Oh.

        Because of the bad weather, as well as the location did not shoot, want to wait until the weather is good time to go shoot a photo of one of the United States and the United States, hee hee.

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