The bride how to lose weight fast

Every woman wants to have in their wedding sexy posture, but it did not, many brides before marriage is a bit overweight, which requires the bride to lose weight fast. View that bride how to lose weight fast? Here are hungry skills, to help you become the perfect bride on the wedding.

The bride how to lose weight fast to help you become the perfect bride on the wedding

The bride how to lose weight fast to eliminate the temptation of supper

Supper is a major killer of slim build, eat supper Xiaoyan, decided to stay away from the temptation of the supper, to change the bad eating habits! 20:00, and she is definitely no longer eat the staple food, if you really hungry, drink water, and then not, on some fruit. Short, beautiful all value it!

The bride how to lose weight fast, stovepipe Ministry

The wedding is a very tedious and tiring thing prospective brides everywhere, so appropriate to ease leg fatigue, it is necessary to prevent leg edema. With the middle finger joints from the ankle up massage can ease leg fatigue, can eliminate edema play a stovepipe effect.

Massage techniques: use the right amount of massage oil, evenly spread in the legs, both hands calf from the ankle at the start from the bottom up massage, has been pushed by the knees, and then the hip from the knees up on both sides massage, massage thigh side.

The bride how to lose weight fast, slim down in the running and jumping

Running, dancing, and other sports is fast and effective weight loss magic. Running 5 times a week, every 45 minutes, a speed of 170 meters per minute, a reduction of 10 pounds in three months; jump six times a week dancing, one hour at a time can be reduced by 10 pounds in four months weight; swimming four hours a week, in the four months to reduce 10 pounds; Cycling, four times a week, one hour at a time, a speed of 15 kilometers per hour, can reduce 10 pounds in 5 months .

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