How to choose the hairstyle 2013

Social networking, shopping, New Year, birthdays - these events, you want to look beautiful, attractive, slick, spectacular, as long as from their usual routine image. What you can do, or in your image, therefore, little or fundamentally change this? New clothes, makeup, high heels, but did not face changing shape. Curly hair, hair, tail braids - which is quite a lot of conversion. Although it might seem trivial, but it is completely dependent on technology.

As a general rule, those who have a dream of curly hair, straight hair, on the contrary, those who have curly hair, eager to obtain direct. Therefore, the simplest version of how to choose the hair holidays would be unusual for you to do curls or straight hair is perfect.

Many Hollywood stars like with straight hair parted right - the middle of a wrapper. In this case, the hair should be smooth, and straight chain, and this effect can be achieved by a ironing hair.

If you dyed your hair color fade or begin to take root, then the event will be properly brush her ​​hair, dyed hair root, or, to use shadow shampoo to more saturated colors.

Speaking of coloring shampoo. This is a great way to bring some of the flavor of the shape, you need to shampoo with natural shade or a few shades darker gloss, color saturation, it immediately took note of others.

Depending on the event, should choose the shape. The grand event, solemn and packaging, but do not overdo, because the image is concentrated in the hair, or a beautiful dress. Alternatively, you can comb Hollywood tail.

When both ends of all of the hair is collected in a ponytail in the back, tied to the lock of hair, while the slightly curled. It is carefully select stacked this way, an average of beautiful hair, bare defects, high forehead, prominent ears. To do this, it is worth remembering, skinny girls face long created volume hair, chubby cheeks and chubby girl to the contrary, the amount should be avoided.

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