The Beauty Dress of Cheongsam 2013

The cheongsam is a traditional Chinese dress. In the past, women often wear. Now, although it has exited in everyday life, it has become a new trend in the wedding scene. Qipao can perfectly show the beautiful curve of the waist and hips. This is a mixed classical charm and modern feel sexy. Chinese women, foreigners can display the exotic beauty of the cheongsam.

Red is the color in traditional Chinese wedding. This means happiness and luck. Many brides choose red cheongsam wedding. Although follow fashion, the application of some other color design. The color will not be limited in the red. Black, pink, sapphire elegant color of the wedding dress. White is the wedding of old ideas in an unlucky color. The wedding clothing popular with the Western wedding dress, white color is accepted by the majority. White cheongsam is a new trend. The bride can also have more choices.

Is most common in the clothing embroidery embellishment. Flowers and Phoenix is ​​the most design patterns good bride and marry her meaning. A Chinese ink painting, is a fresh idea. Active color to show the natural beauty of the bride. In addition to embroidery, lace a new application. Add to Western elements, the cheongsam mean a more modern feel. The bride wore lace cheongsam can be a little sexy.

In addition to the changes in color and decoration, the style has changed. Traditional cheongsam is a closed collar and sleeves, high collar short-term or medium-term. Strapless, sleeveless, shoulder, halter neck and backless design new elements. Open design, women are limited in the old style, shoulder and neck. These show that women are more sexy and obvious beauty. Traditional cheongsam straight length to the knee to the ankle. New ideas also apply to these two parts. Can be beautiful and sexy miniskirt style. High - low style mermaid is modern and stylish. Train style and A-style is elegant and noble. With these changes, the traditional Chinese cheongsam became a new look. It can attract more people to try.

To match the cheongsam, the bride can wear gold jewelry, especially in the red cheongsam. Hairstyle updo style is the better choice. So, your neck will look slim, long-term perspective, especially in the high-necked dress. Western wedding dress is not the only one to choose the wedding dress. Cheongsam may be more popular in the future. The beauty of the cheongsam is not covered and forgotten.

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