2013 the most popular hairstyle

Hair style, in order to really make a statement of your commitment, your personal style. Even if you are very creative and try a few different colors and cuts, follow some very simple and easy guidelines, really is very pleasing face shape and skin tone. You are not there room experiment, the idea of ​​a really great project, just OK, you can turn this off or not. When you choose what really will be the best look, you should ask yourself, integration into the life style. In this article, we will discuss how you can choose the best hairstyle in 2013, some very important instructions as described below.

Determine the shape of the face

It will be determined in a large segment of your style is very flattering. Experts suggest that, pull the hair on the forehead and tracking reflective surface of the mirror with lipstick. You have to take care of a rough estimate of the square, round or oval.

Select the style best suited face

Chin the international recommendations Cut line decline or only above the shoulders. Mary Clare, square face must really dilute the vertical layer and debris. The oval face is really very versatile, but if the face is as long as the choice of bangs. Face of Accent round layers or long hair to make the face look more oval, if the face is thin, medium-length hair and layer to create volume face look fuller. This is the best technique to choose the best hairstyle in 2013.

The color of their skin, to select the most outstanding

According to the early development and rapid method to make a decision if you have warm or cold skin tone search vein in the arm. Blue vein signal the cool colors of skin and green pulse signal warmth. David Evangelista dark skin in warm colors matching good foundation gold, mahogany, chestnut, red, copper or cinnamon highlights, with a variety of colors, as ever exhibition. Cool colors with perfect skin dark brown, blond or red, honey or wheat stripe. You should follow this strategy to choose the best hairstyle in 2013.

Choose the style of life

Even if the barber, may really be very pleasant, if you are really in the landscaping industry such as the need to spend a few hours in the sun, you may find a small hair very comfortable. The tone of the face of the angle of incision may need to maintain regular visits.

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