Best evening dress selection rules

In general, a special party dress is a must have for any woman. When it comes to selecting a suitable and charming evening dress, there are some rules to follow, which will help you make better decisions.

1. By the shape of the body

There is no doubt, the first factor you must consider the shape of your body has a direct impact on the style of your evening dress. For example, if you are slender, any style evening dress good to see you. However, if your collarbone is too bony wise you away from the style of the shoulder neckline. If you have an apple-shaped body featuring fat waist, high waist skirt with a right for you, it can make you look high, who accented the waist like a prom dress dress must weaken your charm. It is also common, the hat look pear digital slim body and lower fat body. For those women, it is easy to show off your beautiful princess dress.

2. By the occasion

Although there are many evening dress on the market, this does not mean that each style can work well for special occasions. After all, depending on the event, the evening dress style needs to change along with it. For example, if you want to participate in a festival or semi-formal occasions, you can choose a cocktail dress like little black dress with versatility. Formal banquet, long evening dress is your best choice.

3. By season

We all know that, you can wear evening dress warm from the cold winter as in spring. In the hot summer months, you can choose a light fabric with any dress, whether it is chic fashion. To keep warm in the cold days, select a long dress or a heavier fabric long-sleeved dress, this is a trend. Of course, if you like a sexy strapless dress, do not want to throw it away, you need to do is add some accessories, such as a parcel, to keep you warm.

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