Etiquette Teaching Before Your Wedding

A couple willing to all sorts of problems at the wedding, but also a couple is willing to be as vulgar, do not understand the etiquette. Prospective new people going to get married, do not look around I do not know why, let's take a look at the wedding etiquette to make your wedding perfect start to a perfect end.

Admission ceremony of the correct walking posture

Admission to the ceremony is the new officially unveiled the first in the whole front of the guests, to master the correct method of walking is very important. The groom should be made payable to the chest, straight ahead, moderate pace slightly slower. The most critical or bride. Some brides are not used to wearing

Wedding dress and high heels, may have stepped on the skirt of the accident, so the dress should not be too long.

The right bride walking: plantar graze the ground, Xu Xiangqian light kicked skirts toes. Strictly speaking, the new eyes should always be looking straight ahead, as far as possible to the line of sight put in before the 10 meters, it is a good take pictures. But for safety reasons, the line of sight of the bride can be a little down, but not too much, so as not to affect the image.

Dress, how to turn around

Dress and clothes, the only change direction can not be done. Not dragging skirts exaggerated gesture turned the trick lies opposite to the direction of rotation of the hand gently turned seize the skirt and bustle move up slightly, wearing a dress, wears a long veil, hang them in their own the wrist, and instantly turns quickly.

The bride hand flowers of Chi Fa

How to hold hands flowers to look graceful, giving the impression of elegant and refined it? Hand spent properly grip the little finger with thumb ipsilateral spend tightly clamped so you can put flowers hold, will not mess shake.

If hands holding hands flowers should be upright, shoulders and hung over the backs of the hands holding flowers placed, so give people contend comfortable, confident, stable feel. Spent to improve hand placed on the chest, your shoulders will increase, giving the feeling of tension.

In addition, at the time of the witnesses, usually the groom is standing on the right side of the bride, so if a single hand-held flowers, flowers should be left-handed stop. If it is playful and cute spherical hand flowers, you can put it as a handbag, like to mention in the left hand, or hanging on the left wrist.

Ceremony standing

Naturally straight spine, the bride and groom each other conscious makes up "eight" shape, whether to greet guests or commemorative photo shoot, standing posture is very important, so pay special attention to go. Extended upward sense, head, buttocks and heels back into a straight line, the upper body and the feeling of being lifted, particularly standing spirit. Should the bride and groom standing around about 15 cm rearward, the right hand Kua groom right arm, and the location of the two words like "eight", front camera feel best.

The groom light song left arm, the bride put your hands in the elbow. To note is that the bride and groom's Do not pulled clothes people feel timid. In addition, the groom should not straight back undue prominence to the abdomen, arm bride does not matter, so as not to step on the skirt, and do not be too far away. Bride pulling the groom's arm not tightly, as if afraid he would escape like.

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