The Alert of Wedding Dress Trend

Fresh, new and exciting, to describe the latest development trend of the wedding dress. 2013 is no exception. Than last year's trend, we will see this season? Changing trends in all respects, bridal hair, wedding jewelry, wedding dress, how likely do not have the trends?

Every bride will find a perfect wedding dress to choose carefully, despite the different types of institutions. Stunning wedding dress, you will be the most eye-catching one in your big day. However, to keep with the latest trends does not mean to break your budget, the selection of well-known brands, such as Vera Wang or other brand other. Fashion wedding dress is still within budget. Alternatively, you can come up with a fashionable dress borrowed these designer inspiration from. Let's start the countdown to the details, hit the runway.

Bridal dress with slit

This seems to be a fresh detail, every designer like creation, which is slit. To make your guests sexy, bold, fashion forward, oh, so hot feeling on your wedding, front slit wedding dress is the best choice. Side seams and back seam for you to choose. Lace gap is a good way to increase the romantic feeling.

Low-cut back

If the gap is not enough brides, especially those who are bold and sexy bride, can be considered a low-cut back dress. Most designers attach great importance to the forefront of the wedding dress, but once the bride turned to the low-cut back to create a dramatic effect. I've seen one of the most beautifully designed, has a decorative cover to reach the top of a dress of the bride tailbone. Brave enough to wear this dress and your groom's breath, and you see how hot!

The sweetheart neckline Romanticism heart

For you, this may be an all too common wedding style, but whether you believe it or not, this is a still a hot trend. However, this trend is not conservative, Today, designers are trying to use a variety of materials and fabrics, to create something unique. Imagine the neckline of the dress is a dear person, a sheer fabric corset is really great! This allows you to show off some skin did not reveal too much, but in the end still looking elegant and sexy.

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