Flat chest how to to shoot sexy wedding dress according to

In the shoot of when the wedding dress according to, the bride what to wear underwear is good? Especially the pectoralis minor wear underwear? The too exposed too tight wedding dress will cause a the chest of small-bride look more flat, but as long as mastered the the choice of underwear and match the secret of, the small chest beauty is also be able to wear clothing with the sexy curve Oh!

Pectoralis minor wear underwear wedding dress photo?

Small chest bride not worry too much, in fact, a small chest has certain advantages, at least underwear as real. If the chest is too big, but there is no way to cover up the extra fleshy. The underwear is a good helper in the small chest beauty wearing a selection set or lined pad style, we can immediately plump up, then the wedding dress according to the pectoralis minor wear underwear is good?

Chest bride Raiders 1: the election of the cup

1/2 or 3/4 cup small chest can be effectively concentrated the chest look sleek enough to stand.

Chest bride Raiders 2: adding liner

The function under thick thin bra cup with liner, with thruster concentrated have the same effect.

Chest bride Raiders 3: invisible rims

The soft contact rims drag up the chest, so that the small thoracic beauty curve to change the United States.

Chest bride Raiders 4: side check

Try on a bra must be checked from the side, in order to know to wear clothes radians how select cup vertex position toward the top of the style, you can create the the Jianting effect.

Chest Bridal Raiders 5: air cushion underwear

Use of air, water bag to create a cleavage line, now available in a variety of styles to choose from. Latest air cushion underwear, you can also adjust the size, you want to cleavage is no longer a dream.

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