Full Sweet Wedding Dress

Each girl has to do the bride's expectations, or sexy, or sweet, or a princess or queen, girls also have different ideas about their own wedding dress requirements can be simple and elegant, noble and elegant, with each the evolution of the trend of the kinds of wedding dress, wedding dress not just a single form, traditional, modern, retro, wide range of small, give you this fruit wedding dress, strawberry , grapes, apples, oranges, your favorite kind of taste, your favorite color of the wedding dress on behalf of your choice, flooded with the taste of fruit every corner, so that these sweet wedding dress, and you go into the temple of happiness.

Lemon color

Bright lemon-yellow, giving a bright and cheerful feeling, not only can reflect the bride and lively sexy, and vibrant spirit. Can appeal to bring all the guests.

Blueberry taste

Sweet and sour blueberries, you are my only, very suitable for wedding significance of this wedding dress very pastoral style, lovely and fresh and yet generous.

Choice of strawberry

The girl in the face of the people they want to marry, around there were many suitors, many suitors girls to choose favorite, like this wedding dress, many fruits, choose their favorite strawberry the choice of strawberry, meaning Although a variety of colorful, with every type of fruit, put in front of me, I only liked my favorite, as you are my only one.

Cherry happiness

The wedding dress is sweet, cute, warm and cheerful personality perfect interpretation.

Aqua blue fantasy

Blue, on behalf of the intellectual, fresh with elegance.

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