The world's top ten brands wedding dress - Amsale Aberra

As one of the four ancient civilizations of China, rich cultural heritage thousands of years, the years of bloom, as the global economic, cultural change, China's traditional culture has also added a lot of new ideas gradually rise to new forms of culture, performance of the more obvious of which is the Chinese wedding.

As a person's life wedding feast of the most significant has been the Chinese people the most important thing, as the pace of reform and opening up, China wedding included a lot of Western elements,

Wedding is a new form of newcomers from all corners of common witness in each other's wedding took to the red carpet, so to retain some form of traditional wedding customs, such as: preparing for the wedding, wedlock, lion dance and other forms, but also into for example the exchange of rings and other Western elements, and was undoubtedly one of the most Western specialties wedding day the bride dress.

Journey of Love Sissy as a professional wedding consultant will showcase the world's fourth-ranked wedding dress brand - Amsale Aberra. Amsale born in Ethiopia, 25 years wedding design formed her unique style, he is good use of lines, lace, etc. designed to enhance the wedding elegant, noble temperament, and has been sought after by countless women. She who is three brand design task, today will demonstrate that Kenneth Pool2014 new spring and summer wedding.

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