Cheap prom dress and dance fashion

If you are looking to save money in a prom dress, as short as possible, rather than long-term, and discount stores or resale shops shopping. If you have friends in considering other schools to borrow their dress. No one will see your school's dress.

In addition, if you know a good tailor, you can sometimes dress cheaper than you can buy them. Check out the sewing store books and websites as a model, or find someone who is interested in fashion design, drawing drawings for you. Some of the tailor is not good enough, can see the pictures and sewing clothes.

You can also take a very ordinary clothes and glue or sew on the diamond, pearl or gemstone (at the craft store) to make their own unique mode.

You can save to go to the discount stores (Payless shoes money targets or Ross Dress less). Also, you can be from a friend to borrow. You can also buy a pair of white canvas tennis shoes and decorate their own, is truly unique.

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