5 traditional, you can skip

Tradition is great, but not all of the traditional wedding is necessary, or even meaningful in today's wedding. It is a very important tradition is that it means something to you. So, do not do the traditional wedding vows, if they keep not your personal sense - write your own! Or, if your father is not in your life, no matter what the reason, do not feel you have to have a person to give you. The things you do not feel right, and make you happy in your wedding.

Here are some of the ancient tradition, not a lady, and a couple, I think it is outdated and clumsy.

Although the idea of ​​"face" of your friends and family to you, do not bother me (at least you will know where to find you a glimpse of), I also like to let people sit, they want ideas for your wedding. It does not need the usherette, I also think it is totally unnecessary

Never let your guests at your wedding, if you can avoid it, do not do to stand in a line, unless it is a food or beverage. Receiving line is pointless waste of time. You and your husband to eat dinner, and just walked up and down all the tables, and quick greetings and thank you for your guests. This allows your guests very comfortable, you and your spouse have more time to dance the night away!

Do you remember the wedding favors you received at the wedding? I bet you would say "no". While favors can be a fun way to your wedding details, including your personality and identity, they are not necessary, and may not be missed. Completely skip them feel uncomfortable? To do something extra, your guests can enjoy - like candy or snack bar - lovely paper bag with some home. Or make charitable donations instead of favors. I like the way it is in the photo above.

First of all, you may pay at least $ 150 (or more), bouquet, it is gorgeous. You just toss money around? Of course not. Second, and more importantly, it is a shame. Not suitable for your bride, but the single ladies onto the dance floor, may be forced to smile when they were told that they could be the next lucky person to marry, "If they seize that rose bouquet. Who is a bridesmaid eight times before, I am engaged in the experience more than I remember the wedding, and as a girl, I say.

I firmly believe that you should wear your wedding beautiful garters, you should leave it to find in your husband on your wedding night. Do not, I beg you, do the garter toss at your reception. In my opinion, when someone says, "garter toss" the first word is unpalatable. Or maybe it is the hair. Absolute embarrassment. I mean, come on - who are willing to sit there and look at your husband and your guests to climb your dress, to remove your garter (real cute, do so with their teeth!) YUCK. It's definitely a tradition, the toss. Wear pretty garters, shooting the photos through it as a family heirloom or blue stuff. However, do not toss it.

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