Wedding Dresses Trend Of 2013

If you are married in 2013, you need to know next year's wedding dress trends iconic sillhouettes bold splashes of color. Here are five top trend wedding fashion storm, 2013:


Ever since the royal wedding, the country has been in love with lace wedding! The detail and complexity of a designer and eternal structure collection has been added to all styles of wedding dresses. From modern to traditional to modern, retro, you must find a wedding dress dotted with charming details. Different from overskirts and incision panel option sleeves and shrug.

Hollow back

Keyhole and lace incision is a firm trend, next year's wedding dress to support from a few years ago the trend. The latest research to borrow retro design again, the main lace detail and pure panel, showing a moderate to peek at the bride's back. Sexy, complicated, and this trend is a lovely way to add an extra element to your wedding dress.


White and ivory wedding is not the only option! Next year, the design was inspired by the retro palette, deep Victorian red and blue tones, or delicate shades of brown, blush pink and feminine lace details. Dual-tone wedding dress the growing popularity of 2, is a good choice, if you still want a white dress mainly. Or, if you something truly unique, a retro stamp for your wedding dress after that?

Peplums and layer

Short overskirt peplum is a definition of the waist, to see a lot of on the runway. Add structure and decorative the easiest dress, the peplums next year is a popular fashion. Fabric of the wedding dress is also a big winner Stylished layer, add additional interest and modern flavor, texture and shape combinations.

Combination and convertible dress

Why meet in a clothes, you can put your dress into two (or more) different appearance when you move from the ceremony? More and more brides choose to limit heavy wedding dress to the party's second clothes, but if you can combine the two and make a statement, adaptable clothes? Layer, removable skirt, sleeves, veils, trails and jackets are popular bride stripped away from their wedding different elements, and look forward to creating a brand-new!

No matter the style of your wedding, you must find the things you love, in the next year's wedding trends. But the most important thing is to follow your heart and your taste, keep looking until you find your perfect wedding dress.

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