Wedding Dresses Trends 2013:Red Wedding Dress

Is difficult to see when you will become the bride a white, when it comes to clothes, but various risks wedding dress in 2013, more than ever, are becoming less traditional!

We have already seen the Hollywood star married pink, this is very memorable, but a more eye-catching colors stand out in 2013 ... red.

Who wore a red wedding dress?

Asian bride: red seems to be a very off-the-shelf, wall colors, wedding dress, because even ivory or champagne is a step too far, a lot of brides, but remember, hundreds of millions of Asian bride wearing this color a year to get married! You see, red is an auspicious color, which means that the couple bring good luck, so why not collect this view, for their wedding?

Christmas bride: Although the weather is bad (at least in the northern hemisphere bride), Christmas wedding still spread; colors than red "Christmas" series? There are two options, a white dress with a hint of white with red accents, or red clothes such as bouquets. The only trick is to go easy on the red and white, in order to avoid looking like Mrs. Claus!

Personal bride: style and fashion to become a very important bride there is no reason why the red dress, must be frowned these days. Select a very unique style one-upmanship, but on the other hand, it is very important to stand out in your wedding crowd. Now we have to attend to so many weddings, to see so many pictures to find them instantly forgotten, it is not very good, you go beyond all the noise? Let's face it, the bride is the focal point of any wedding, so why not make a final impression?

If you are considering wearing a red dress, then our tips, you should try to keep it a secret from your guests of the ceremony, until you truly enter! If you have a video, it will perfectly capture to the surprise of their appearance, because they realize that you have been planning the surprise with this bold gesture!

The last point is to consider your bridal lingerie. This is usually white, but if you are a red bride, then you can really deal with your new man, a deep red underwear, which will not only driving him crazy, but also in line with the perfect dress!

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