Braided Updos for wedding 2013

Plan your wedding? Clothes? Inspection. Flowers? Inspection. Hairstyle? Not completely. Why not have a updo you? Even better: why not choose a chic braided updo? Updos is great, and because their wedding bride Knicks trouble and curls eliminate curly hair fall. Braided updo, you've got something a little different something a little more fun, hey, if it is practical, why not?
Although braids seems a bit out of date, about those terrible taste pigtail braids AVEC kitsch hairpins and other equally embarrassing equipment, the chic these modern braided updos countries bride and bridesmaids is perfect, perfect and wedding dress and summer background.

See for the first time is a complex mixture, it combines a beautiful bride bun with braided works the, updo dynamic. Weaving run along the crown head frame face with a plume of romantic hair. Complementary with small flowers, wedding decorations, of course, or decorative gem, but sweet.

A second look, including the traditional fishtail braid or herringbone pleat, if you like the head of any party, then join a large braids, fixed in the back of the head. The braided updo perfect bridal party bridesmaids, junior bridesmaids, and even flower girl, because it is one that looks younger and more interesting. Baby's breath flowers (as shown) or other small decorative flowers, or even a jeweled headband with lovely look, this updo, and a little more character.

Final updo combined fishtail weave a larger, loose, and slightly more complex version and convert it into an elegant updo is original and beautiful. A perfect braided updo the long-haired bride fishtail effect given the the braided updo typical of a contemporary spin makes it complex and interesting, while still effortlessly off the back of the neck.
Whether you want something more complex and more classic, chic bride in the the braided updo changes is a beautiful country, the perfect choice.

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