Teach You How To Take Good Wedding Photographs

       In wedding photographs, many factors affect the shot, then the wedding photographs, how to take atmosphere take feeling?

       Take a nice wedding pendulum wedding photographs posture addition to have a nice shape, suitable and beautiful wedding has become a very important aspect. Wedding photography, you need to create a relaxed and natural atmosphere for the couple in a pleasant atmosphere of romantic wedding photography.

       Romantic background music

       With romantic scene layout, may wish to try to put some music to relax, the soothing romantic, lively music can make people physically and mentally intoxicated. Listening to the sweet love song, think back to the happy moments in the past, wedding photography romantic atmosphere naturally create out.

       How to laugh it would look nice

       The head wedding photographs as long as the change in one direction, the expression of the atmosphere will be different, for example, upturned face expressed the hope and confidence, facing down the face expressed sadness and grief, the oblique face hinted mental focus.

       Wedding photographs, do not force grinned. Some people suited to laugh toothy decide according to their looks and temperament. But no matter how laugh, are not just the corners of the mouth to the both sides of the blanket, so laugh muscles would be too prominent face was stretched in the transverse direction, the chin pulled too chiseled mouth loose skin will appear folds.

       Smile chin down adduction, mouth slightly open. Note the mouth slightly open is the separation of the upper and lower teeth, lips slightly closed. Such face looks a little pointy chin, relatively photogenic.

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