Wedding Dresses Trends 2013: Feather Wedding Dresses

Feathers is a relatively new trend, a flight of about 2 years ago, will continue in 2013, the wedding dress is very popular.

Most of us may start to see feathered dress home habitat in spring 2012 couture runway, rather than a fad that will soon be forgotten, they have not yet reached their peak popularity, and continue to be fans.

The one area where we have begun to see a lot of feather dress appeared in wearing a wedding dress, so, if you have not seen the wedding dress, including feathers, keep looking, because they are the 2013 trends.

Why feathers?
Let's get something straight from the beginning, feathered wedding dress is not suitable for every bride! To keep up with this trend, which requires some serious guts, but if you do good, they look amazing, like something from a fairy tale!

Feather skirt to the final appearance of light weight, but larger, heavier dress. The wearer simply sliding like like tulle fabric does not provide its own weight, the feathers trap air to create a sought-after volume.

Very pure, beautiful, and innocent about feathers, which is every bride wanted to depict images! After all, no one has seen the most beautiful swan, that it does not look very cute!

The final image is the only factor. Feathers is still a relatively new trend, so will ensure that you look at the memorable worth talking about for a long time, and provide a wedding!

However, the appeal is not simple (admittedly amazing) to see the deepening of the wedding dress! The feathers have a profound symbolic significance, symbolizing different things. The feathers are used to communicate with God, feathers embodied in the ancient religion, and, more recently, the Christian virtue of charity, hope and faith.

But people these days think they reflect the truth, speed, enhance, and naive idea. All thoughts, true romance add a strong hint to your lawsuit!

Where the bride can also incorporate feathers into their clothes?
Beautiful feathers, they can be in many different colors and sizes, so it can find accessories such as hair clips, and even made from their crown.

Do not forget, there are jewelry, such as necklaces and earrings.

However, if you want to go outside your own appearance, and with them the entire theme of your wedding, it is possible to incorporate feathers for your wedding bouquet, table center pieces, even if your wedding favor ( because you can give away the feathers jewelry for example).

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