Creative Five Colors Theme of Winter Wedding

Cold winter is also the peak season of the wedding industry! For the new 80, you need to get rid of the stale old model, build creative wedding planning program. How to make the cold winter filled with personalized color it?

1. Green theme

Winter wedding is equally suitable for pine and cypress lush green to decorate wedding scene: with all kinds of green, take pine production the bouquet and central desk accessories, fir branches into pots, holly wreath decorated entrance, winter jungle is to create the illusion of a good way . If you intend to depart for honeymoon after the banquet, can also be prepared in advance a car, a few green wreath studded same.

2. White theme

White wedding dream you want to achieve your aesthetic element to the wedding dress with the white orchid river, snowflakes, candy and milky white candles order to better show the pure white refined, can also be placed at the venue with some ice and mirror to create a glistening effect, at the same time, the use the few snowflakes shape of the lens the light barrier (opaque stencil) will bring unexpected wonderful atmosphere.

3. Gold-silver theme

The cold winter also can be dazzling elements contrasting more dazzling, and therefore worthy of a romantic wedding design into a real shining the Art Deco style party. Bright gold and silver pavilions banquet on the table, and then set a champagne cocktail bar offers several different types of drinks, along with relatives and friends for your shining future, Cheers!

4. Black-white theme

Use a lot of black-white classic combination, is an elegant and traditional Western wedding design. Black ball seat, white linen lining black lace, solid black glass vase with white flowers are a great choice for black and white tones winter wedding. To this classic design with a signature drink, the traditional martini is the best choice.

5. Is purple or red theme

Near the North Pole, the Russian royal family is synonymous with luxury dazzling, saturated red or purple to decorate the golden tone of candlelight wedding, you can render is so extraordinary temperament. As dazzled atmosphere, let decorated with gemstones napkin rings, a large bowl filled with red roses, and unique flavored vodka and caviar to create it! Course, the end of the party, if they can sail "Doctor Zhivago" classic horse-drawn sleigh in the film as well, and will usher in more cheers and blessings for you!

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