Romantic Winter Wedding 2013

In the eyes of the people, in the spring and summer of passion and life representatives always feel cold in winter. You have to remember another name for the winter - romantic. There is no doubt that winter is romantic, very romantic love story takes place during the season. From "The Snow Queen", "Winter Sonata," Winter Fantasy feel beautiful and sad love story. All of which proved that the winter is a beautiful season to get married.

In fact, this is because of the snow, winter charm. Therefore, it can snow all components are an important element in the winter wedding. Snowflake candle holder, bottle stopper, love snow "tea light candles can be used. Arrangements for the wedding, you can use accessories snowflake pattern or some other decorative snowflake patterns. Addition, a large number of decorative snowflakes for decorating is a good idea.

Another thing that can completely represent winter ice. Legend of the snow and ice in the winter world, in fact, correct. However, this is difficult to do with a decorated real ice, although the ice is so wonderful, high plasticity. Here we use what instead of ice. Glass, crystal and plastic beads is a good substitute. If you are using floral arrangements to decorate your reception table, choose a glass vase filled crystal or Ice Blue gel beads. It is surrounded by beautiful arrangements candles thinking.

We believe it is something else to add winter wedding songs and romantic songs for the winter and is very appropriate. To make your wedding full of romantic winter feel, which is only pre-prepared for winter songs and beautiful poetry. It is quite alright to invite boys and girls to sing a song or recite poetry in the day. Children's choir is so pure and sweet, guests enter the heavenly world. In addition, at dinner classical piano playing is the right way to create an elegant atmosphere.

Finally, let's talk about winter wedding flowers. The cruel winter season, green foliage and colorful flowers? This is not true. Snowflakes, gentle, pure white bell-shaped flowers is a classic bride flower, as well as with other white flowers. Camellia, gorgeous open flower face with a series of overlapping petals several lines. In addition, cloves, sea, euphorbia, iris, etc. They are all very beautiful flowers that are suitable for winter-themed wedding. These colorful flowers around, you will no longer monotone color wedding fainted.

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