How to match the wedding dress and jewelry

The date of the wedding is naturally the most important day of your life, it is essential that choose the wedding dress. Here, we recommend several styles different wedding dress with jewelry and beauty tips, May you the most beautiful bride!

Traditional Style

The traditional wedding dress style is dignified and classical, such as ivory satin fabric together with ruffle hemline, or fitted jacket. The neckline is generous and clear. Many brides choose this classic style of the wedding, because it will never become obsolete. In addition, they will be tall hair coiled up, the entire makeup to highlight classic and beautiful natural tones. This also wear a simple style tiara, above the flowers are usually composed by lilies and roses.

We can choose natural and elegant jewelry style with simple, elegant styling. The coronet headwear can attract people’s attention. Small particles of pearl, diamond or heart-shaped earrings together with the same necklace echoes the best results.

If your hair is loose down headdress embellishment, the focus can be placed on the lower half of the face, wearing large earrings and necklaces, so as not to cover hair.

Above, we choose a traditional wedding bride wedding dress to match with jewelry and beauty tips, if you like a dream style or princess style, take a look at our following recommendations.

Fantasy Style

Fantasy style wedding dress can fully show your own unique characteristics. Many brides choose nostalgia or feminine wedding style, like a fairy tale princess or medieval girl.

The soft and supple hair is full of romantic, fairy-tale atmosphere. Choose a simple necklace pendants foil as a long-haired, delicate and gentle, moderate size, teardrop-type earrings and pendants are ideal.

The soft curls loosely site to the top of the head, do decorate with ribbons or flowers headdress. The small select dazzling pendant earrings to the earlobe wrapped. Hair, hair ornaments and pendants is the bright spot of the whole body, rather than the ear, avoid distracting.

The bride who chooses the traditional wedding style and dream wedding style has to understand how the jewelry and wedding dress a perfect match as well as some other beautiful tips, if you are a favorite modern minimalist style bride may wish to refer to our recommendations below.

Modern Style

Some brides prefer simple and fresh style of the modern suit and jacket, and some even pants with. In this case, jewelry focuses on the unique elegant styling to create a modern style.

In this section, we can choose a modern necklace and wrapped earlobe, small earrings, zeroed at the neckline. Hair pulled into a bun of a classic French style, show elegant qualities.

Try to this style, you can select linear medium size necklace with a pendant earrings. Keep in mind that if the hair covers the part of the cheek, the jewelry choose slightly larger style, too small style easily cover.

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