Choose a suitable wedding dress is a science

To maintain a perfect wedding ceremony is a very difficult thing to do, but also more complex processing, but if you have an idea, to know how to deal with the wedding, then this will be a small box. Choose the right wedding dress will be a difficult thing to deal with, you think so, do you do this when you become the bride of trouble? May your trouble, then I will tell you simple tips for your reference, you can take some of the recommendations from your family or friends, you can listen to some fresh ideas, all in all, you must have knowledge choose the wedding dress for you and your body. 1, to feel comfortable, which is very important. 

I just feel comfortable, confident style in order to highlight. You have to be clear, you need what kind of wedding. The size of the dress, cut, contour, decoration and other elements not only need to weigh the wedding venue, but also consider the time of the wedding, and temperature.

The wedding is not just a personal decision of the bride "YYS, chiffon summer, winter, beaded need the influence of other factors, but not completely legal. Consider the point of view of the overall design. Wedding, hair, bouquet size and select shoes need consider, of course, should be considered even make-up. many brides choose wedding down enough of the martial arts, but ignore the headdress, crowns and other accessories, will become cumbersome.

4 skirt length is critical skirt design to ensure that the shoes will not be exposed to the front seems to be floating on the ground. dress is in trouble and may affect the bride walking. course, the bride's wedding dress is best not to mention the phenomenon of perfect makeup is another thing to be considered. I do not indulge in white dress lips, but in everyday life, if you do not painted blue, purple or the sparry color eye shadow, why not try the wedding day? painting like, do not let yourself become completely different, the same hairstyle, sometimes hair stylist will be too focused on the design, make the hair too much trouble, too complex color hair, brooches, etc., is also essential.

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