7 steps to the perfect wedding hairstyle

There are many ready to enter the bride's dress, and her crowning glory, the hair should be so. Follow this simple guide, how to plan the perfect wedding hairstyle.

A few weeks before your wedding day choose the wedding, which will allow you to be a hairdresser. The hairdresser would suggest the people you know and trust, someone said, they have a good experience.

1. Establish a good relationship with the hairdresser. Discussing his or her style should be comfortable, to see what you want. Some hairdressers insist on some of their dreams for them. Be firm to tell him or her what you want, do not want.

2. Your facial hair, the length of his or her discussion.

Let your hair down, especially medium length can be disseminated romantic. Flip the edge a little bit of a retro look.

Short hair can look color highlights or shiny curls.

3. Arrange a practice hair simulate expected to do your wedding day. You may need to pay extra for this simulation conference, but it's worth, the buck, to ensure that you look lovely in your wedding.

4. The analog part of the hairstyle you carry. Look how to check hair, side and rear views, and make sure that it is your preference. Your wedding day is the focus of attention, so you should be beautiful 360 degrees!

5. Move around with your hair salon. Your head abit or do you think will happen in the movement of the head of the wedding day, try Bob. Ensure that your hair can withstand all the activities of the head, you and your scalp will be comfortable hours.

6. Now, they say it is bad luck, try your wedding dress before the wedding day. However, you need to make sure your hair to match the dress. Do not worry, you still can be used to approximate the appearance of other clothes. Look for the same collar style for your wedding dress, a piece of clothing. Then close your wedding dress in the same line of things. View mirror, and imagine yourself with hair in white ...?

7. In the eve of the wedding, head massage, and then I thought, a full-body massage! Relax your body, your skin, open pores, refreshing.

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