Introduction and selection of the wedding dress

Traditional Chinese wedding is always red, warm and prosperous looking people feel festive; contrary, the main traditional Western wedding dress is a white wedding dress and black dress, although the colors are a lot purer seems sacred and romantic, a stark contrast with the Chinese wedding. Today modern Chinese wedding, young people had Western-style white wedding dress as an important first line debut in front of the guests.

White wedding dress on behalf of inner purity and childlike innocence, and later evolved into a symbol of virginity. The bride's wedding dress from the traditional luxury complex into simple and plain, many mothers will also own wedding dress as a family heirloom, to daughter as dowry. Therefore, how to select a good wedding dress is critical.


1. the first of the new people in the choice of wedding dress, pre-search work is very important, through the introduced network slightly, magazines, and other channels, to find your favorite style. Then the telephone booking the wedding dress shop, and site visits. Either in the wedding dress shop to try on a face-to-face exchanges with the designers own ideas, listen to the opinions of the designers. Make sure that the wedding dress style production, production after trying on, and then modify. At the same time can be selected to match the jewelry. Such a beautiful wedding dress. The groom's dress is recommended according to the bride's wedding dress. Selected to match with the bride dress more retirement and memorable.


Again when making the wedding dress, wedding dress fabrics are mainly satin, thick forging, forging bright, lace, crystal yarn, organza, mesh yarn. The same kinds of fabrics, but also of the other imported and domestic, imports have also decided to Europe and Japan and South Korea two different materials to different grades and price of the wedding dress.


For the yarn series of wedding dress, often "layer" concept is very important. Proposed purchase yarn series, the economic capacity to allow the case, do not select the following four yarn products. Because the number of layers is too small, the wedding dress will look shriveled, listless, not quite real, fluffy, can not reflect the gauze fabric lightweight romantic fantasy feeling.


3. the general level of imports plus a layer of thick forging lined satin series of products that can achieve very good results. If coupled with good panniers, will be more perfect and beautiful.


Too complicated craftsmanship and decoration are often superfluous, while ignoring the mistress of beautiful wedding dress to attract the viewer's attention to the details of the wedding dress. Especially those whole skirt piled encrusted flowers wedding dress so that the eyes do not know where to go. Therefore advocate a simple, elegant style wedding dress in Europe and America. Of course, the appropriate beaded, lace, bows, ribbons, also a wedding dress is an essential finishing touch. Just like an ad for a brand of clothing: simple but not simple.

If you want your wedding dress to become a family heirloom, then you choose the best silk, this luxurious fabrics, elegant and comfortable to wear.

If the satin series of products, the general level of imports plus a layer of thick forging liner that can achieve good results. If coupled with good panniers, will be more perfect and beautiful.


PS: However, it must be remembered, dressed in silk and pure white, with a little milk yellow appearance because silk total.

If you wish to choose fabrics affordable, durable but not wrinkle, you can consider selecting polyester fiber fabric, their common characteristics is shiny, the price is also relatively cheap, but relatively easy to wrinkle.

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