The Ideas of Wedding Themes and Wedding Colors

Do you like what kind of wedding themes and wedding colors choices, make your wedding beautiful and inspiring? Ironically, weddings have a theme, is considered to be the only color to make the wedding memorable. However, if you spend a little time, your wedding will be elegant, elegant, personal, absolutely beautiful.

Here's some of the wedding themes and wedding colors to help the bride and groom to prepare their own wedding. These techniques may not be practical, but at least they are creative wedding ideas.

One of the main colors convey a theme, so when you design your wedding, the first thing to do is to choose a color. Today, wedding consultant companies or individuals like some of the trends.

Shabby chic

What is fashion? It emphasizes simple, feminine and soft breath. The main color is pink. Reception decorated with antique furniture, vintage fabric pillows, retro chandeliers, roses, wreaths and lit candles on the table with some dried lavender on the windowsill. All this decoration convey a feminine, romantic, stylish, comfortable atmosphere, from a plain, old-fashioned decorative celebration. This is the name of the "chic".

Ocean Blue

The main color is blue sea is also very popular, because some couples like beach wedding reception venue. As a result, both the bride and groom, or you invite guests can enjoy the sunset or sunrise beach wedding, this is a calm and romantic idea for everyone. In the meantime, you can combine some other items of primary colors - blue, to convey an exciting atmosphere, such as artificial star fish, coral reefs and other marine life. It does not matter if indoor or outdoor reception setting near good facilities or decorations indoor environment will make your wedding a beautiful and memorable celebration.

Rustic country style

Do you want to try another style wedding? Rustic and charming country style, but also a glorious experience. The Celebrity occurred in pastures cottage. If you desire to relax, charm and atmosphere, you can be away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and offers guests a relaxing day. You can reception, decorated in earthy tones of celadon, cinnamon, sage and russet. All these colors represent a country style.

Prepare some homemade bread, jelly and jam on the table covered with pink and calico fabric cotton tablecloth tied on top with a ribbon. All decoration will make you and your guests feel that they are at home or to relax.

Asian-style wedding

Asian-style wedding is another option. Primary colors, such as red and gold for China. The main color is red, but gold as decoration, the surroundings look luxurious.

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