Wedding style planning indispensable element

The wedding is what style to be solemn to be warm, to be lively or to Western wedding or Chinese wedding, many style might new people and made lightheaded. And new people to hold a special wedding, often based on personal preference, and having regard to the guests the impression many aspects to consider In addition, there is a need to consider the following four factors oh!

1. How the ability to do much wedding

Now a lot of new people who want to turn their wedding very decent style, this romantic wedding style before fashion. Better economic situation newcomers do to their own wedding grand, others beyond reproach. But now a lot of new people to get married, not to spend their own money, but to spend their parents' hard-earned pension money saved up for years. This is very wrong, parents life hard for their own children, but as children we must consider the parents have the money is not easy to let them enjoy a happy old age. It is recommended that newcomers do or how much money, how much wedding, we must learn to tough times ahead, have the backbone to create their own wealth, their own enjoyment, is the happiest.

2. The cultural level of the new

Including new cultural level, social status, nature of work, economic capacity. The above conditions have created a new people living and working environment, a different experience of the cultural background of the social circle, and different degrees of economic prosperity. The wedding is also a different style. Proposed new wedding style, be sure to fit their own cultural background, in particular, reflect mainstream cultural level.

3. The wedding ceremony wedding culture to reflect

The wedding culture into Chinese and Western wedding culture. They represent the history and background is different. Overall, the Chinese wedding culture, mainly in the wedding ceremony is a reflection of the relationship between heaven and earth "reflect" family, family, family, friendship, pay attention to a "feeling" word, but also pay more attention to the wedding etiquette. Western wedding culture emphasized the "personality" of the new, courtesy of design, is to highlight the relationship between the new and rarely has a family, the concept of family.

4. To consider the feelings of parents

Newcomers choose their own wedding style, be sure to consider the parents on their own over the years the feelings and mental and physical inputs, choose the form of wedding they can accept as much as possible, in line with the level of parents cultural and social circles. One of the important conditions which are newcomers to consider their own wedding style.


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