Wedding Dress With Ballet Dream

Dream wedding dress ballet engraved REVIEW: myth to reality, towards our side, a new starting point in life, the interpretation of a Swan Lake-like love!

We are young, but also vaguely remember a child heard the story of "Swan Lake", also in my mind more than once sketched a group of beautiful white swan like now, a beautiful White Swan is no longer available hope not that dream, Xiaobian to help the friends! With engraved Swan Lake girls beautiful wedding dress!

Ballet, dressed in white, a pair of shoes, how many girls dream, more or less because of the beauty of the ballet performance out vulgarity.

The ballet is the essence of poetry, painting, longer than to convey a hazy poetry, some kind of elegant pictorial. Its white color represents the swan image virginal wedding dress is also true.

Swan Lake is a yearning for the infinite pure love, and to live in freedom, and efforts toward the dream of love with this white veil.

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